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Anyone have suggestions on finding a Psychiatrist that specializes in HIV?

Andy Velez:
Mike, what is it you want addressed? And do you specifically need/want a psychiatrist? Being an MD, a psychiatrist can prescribe medications.

Are you looking for that or are you looking for someone to talk with which is different and which offers more choices for you.

Say some more if you will about your situation and I think people can respond more specifically to your situation. Also, where are you located.

In general I would say getting a referral from either someone you know personally or from a professional whom you respect is a good way to go.


Hi Mike

I was looking for a good psychiatrist but none of the ones I was recommend accept my insurance....
I usually look at the GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association) website for references.
I made an appointment with a shrink at the Stamford Medical Center in Palo Alto and when I told the guy I was poz he basically told me he couldn't help me (not with those words of course, as I would have a law suit that would keep me on permanent vacation).  He just kept asking me "are you comfortable with, I really don't have any experience with HIV+ people. 
He wouldn't even prescribe me my Aderrall which I've been taking since 2002.

(who only goes to gay and lesbian doctors)

Thank you Andy / Rich.

I will try the GLMA web site to see if I could find a good one in CT.  I am really looking for a doctor that can prescribe anti anxiety medication that will not interfere with my current meds.

Most of the time I don't need anything but lately I need something to help deal with anxiety when I become stressed.


Strike one.  No listings on GLMA's website.  Any other sites anyone can recommend?


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