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The best way to take multi vitamins.

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Hi All,
can anyone tell me the best way to take a multivitamin to give it maximum benefit. , I mean with food, before food??
and how long after that can coffee be consumed?

some peopl e like vitamins with yogurt or something else that's 'live' such as fruit to 'activate' the vitamin. i'm guessin g your own stomach's hydrochloric acid will do just as fine. dont know about the coffee thing. i can't take coffee- too dehydrating to my body....... and dehydration w/ HIV is something i won't play around with- but that's just moi

For some reason multivits always play havoc with my stomach, causing a dull sense of nausea if I pop them on an empty stomach.  So for this reason alone I take them with something (ANYTHING...)

This is just me talking here, but I would think the fat-soluble ones might be better absorbed with food (that has fat in it).  Perhaps both of these reasons are why the label usually says to take around meal times.


And I agree with AH...dehydration is bad.  I gave up coffee about 6 months ago (brutal too...), plus all sodas.  I just drink water now, with the occasional rooibos tea.


Thanks for the replies!
Re coffee, I did one of those body detox things a while ago and quitting coffee was priety easy. I used to drink maybe about 8 cups a day for a while now i have cut down to two at the most. Lots of peppermint tea and water now. Im feeling better since quitting the coffee.

I did have some mild nausea yeaterday as i have strated taking the multivitamins so ill see how i go today.


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