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I have been dealing with abnormal paps since being diagnosed. I am getting an ultrasound soon.  I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. Are we at an increased risk for cervical cancer , etc. I need some help with this problem. Thank you to anyone who has any answers.

I have had two abnormal paps since finding out I was poz in Oct. 2006. I was told that I had a higher white cell count which was throwing off the test. Not sure if we are at a higher rate for cancer although the virus HPV can cause that.

I do have HPV. The doctor told me that the risk of cancer was something I need to keep an eye on. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, looking for abnormalities.


I recently went for a Pap Smear and turned out abnormal, had to undergo the colcoposcopy procedure and the results came back poz for HPV, the doc gave me 3 options, 1 - go back for paps after 6 months and see what happens then, 2 - see a specialist for a 2nd opinopn, 3 - have the area thats affected removed and risk having miscarriages or premature babies. So, I opted for doing a pap in 6 months, just to buy time and hopefully whatever is going on in there will have disappeared or something. Tell us how the Ultrasound goes and good luck.

I had the colposcopy last July and my new gyno wants to do another one, because my  most recent pop came back abnormal again. He sent me for an ultrasound to check for any abnoramlities. As far as the my next step is to have a leep procedure which is where they remove the top layer of cells in the cervix. I will let you know what he says I go see him in a few more weeks. Hope this helps you!



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