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As much as I have progressed in the last several years, from wheel chair to walker and now cane, I thought progression had stoped.  My right foot came back eventhough  I still have all the strange undiscribale things going on with it, and my right foot is the only reason I can walk.  My left foot still drags behind and I have to be careful not to stumble.  It's been almost a year since I could move my left little toe and then my big toe on the left side.  Seemed progression stopped.  Suddenly I see my toes pointing up. not flat or down like before, all of them, even though I can't yet wiggle all the little piggies and still can't 'pat' that foot; just won't come off the floor, it's the first encouaging sign in ages.  Little triumps go a long way!

P.S.  one thing I don't like about this new fomate, you can't go back and edit, I hurriedly misspelled 'triumph', and of course as much as this format works like email, there still is no spell check, lol, guess that's a little much to ask...anyway I am elated my left foot is no longer like walking on a peg(my ankle).  I have a huge calouse on my heel where my weight is cause I cant push with my toes; hopefully this is a sign of change for the good.

Hey krackerjim,

There is a spellcheck here...its the big blue buttom at the bottom on the right hand side.

There are 3 blue buttons...Post....Preview...Spell Check

Glad your feet are getting better


my 'blue buttons' number about 5 and say nothing about spelling; I don't really care as long as we are communicating... opps, I see it, except it isn't blue, only a little blue highlighted circle anrond it... thanks anyway.  Just more concerned about my new discovery with progress which any one knows with PN is more than a milestone...

Jim, sometimes it's hard to remember everyone's story.  It's just easier to ask rather than trying to figure it out, so your problems due to peripheral neuropathy? Just mentioning the word progressed in your post made me think of myself and PML.  I to had the drop foot in my left foot and a hard plastic AFO seemed to help at least in my situation.  I can still remember the first time I could move my toes again.  I was laying in the bed trying so hard and it seems like out of nowhere they moved.  My partner was working out of home at the time and I started calling for him and he thought that something was wrong but when he came in the room I simply told him to look, look, look at my toes... they're moving :) I do understand and celebrate with you.

Take care and keep going


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