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Switching between Viread and Truvada


I am on Virea/Lamivadine/Efiveranz for last 2 years and doing great.My load is down and counts up. The guy who smuggle viread in my country says he cant do it anymore and can onl supply me wth Truvada. Now I am ina fix a i was doing great on Viread combination.Should i change to truvada combination.Any one with experiance onthis.

Hello Cyber,

I am certainly not an expert, Let see if I understand this.

You are currently on SUSTIVA, VIREAD and EPIVIR

If you supplier can get you TRUVADA ( which is a combination of  VIREAD and EMTRIVA) I would think that  the TRUVADA, in combination with the SUSTIVA, should work. The chemical structure of EMTRIVA and EPIVIR, is both very similar, both of those drugs, are also good in fighting Hepatitis "B" infection

To me this combination looks workable, as long as there are no issues with Resistance due to the EMTRIVA.

So in summary, you would take one  TRUVADA( which contains VIREAD and EMTRIVA) a day, along with your once daily SUSTIVA. You will need to continue with the SUSTIVA.

Truvada can be taken with or without food.

Perhaps others may want to add.

Take care-------Ray


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