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We're back from NIH /Zephyr and OzPaul


Hi everyone

We wanted to let our AM family know that we have arrived home safely from our trip to NIH. Zephyr was home by 1 AM and I was home at 1:30 AM.

It was an amazing journey in many respects. Zephyr and I met for the first time. What a joyous occasion ! I met Minh as well. He is an incredibly kind, gracious and caring person. We're so fortunate to have him in our family.
During the time that Zephie and I were at the NIH Minh shepherded us through the corridors and halls. While Zeph and I were having our apherisis on Thursday he was by our side.

Zephyr and I were privileged to have met with two of the main researchers in HIV/AIDS at the NIH. These meetings were highly informative, spellbinding really as they described the factors of our being Long Term Non Progressors (LTNP's). We were totally impressed by the compassion and dedication of everyone working at the NIH. It's good to know that we have such passionate professionals working on our behalf. After an intense and rewarding time at the NIH, Zephyr, Minh, myself and my partner unwound in a lovely evening out in the balmy spring air. On Sat. we all went on our DC adventure of museums and a couple of inexpensive eateries.

I got my numbers back from those tests run at NIH and both my percentage and T-cells were up from my Boston  (Harvard/MGH) trip of a couple of weeks ago.

On behalf of Zephyr and myself I want to thank those who contributed to the Zephyr Foundation !!! With your assistance we were able to undertake this important research trip. We are completely dedicated in our goal to aid researchers in their quest to find out why we (few) LTNP's are so well for so long. We are humbled and grateful to be in our most blessed state of health. We are dedicating our selves to our brothers and sisters and researchers so that one day we all may live longer, healthier lives, one in which HIV may one day be tamed if not cured.

With Peace and Love


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