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pozguy75: I have been away a bit longer than I had anticipated...

Well, where to begin...

Steve and I broke up this month, and the way Wednesday would have been our 9 year annivesary!! is still a bit surreal, but the fact of the matter is HIV did play a role in our breaking up. No it wasn't the fact that we are HIV +ve, it's the fact that I couldn't get over the guilt, Steve couldn't get over some trust issues. Yes I cheated on him...that is a fact. We grew apart...I moved to Charlotte, NC...

I am living in a hotel for the next two and a half weeks just intil my apartment is ready...people are still living in it...they need to move out NOW!! :)

Anyway, I am ready to be settled and I am so looking forward to Montreal in August.

I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting TEDEBEARNC...and yest TEDE...I still have your sunglasses!! CALL ME!

But, I have made a couple of fast friends, and I am very greatful of that...they have been wonderful in keeping me busy and what I know when I am settled in my apartment, I am sure all those wicked emotions are come pouring out...thank god I will be alone so no one will see cry!!

But, I just want to say thank you to everyone here for your thoughts and support!!

I love you all!!

Well, look what the cat drug in.......
Nice to see you back hon.

Hi Jer,

Sorry about missing you along the way to NC... I knew I shouldn't have showered that day... I should have just waited for your call and met you all stinky & funky... ::) :o :-\ :-[  But, oh well, I'm sure we'll meet again, like in Montreal -- can't wait to see you there.

I'm happy that you are settling in, kind of... just as soon as those damn people get the hell out of your apartment.  The nerve of them, keeping you waiting, why I ougtta...never mind. :D

Anyways, glad that you checked in and I wish you all the best.  All good things will happen from here on in...that's my wish and prayer for you sweetheart.

Love ya Jer...

Trish :-*

Jeromy, great to here from you!  I will keep the mountains in tact for you WHEN you come back!



well there son.......

We do need the gory details of the trip.....


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