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Feeling pretty good about this crap.



I guess I just wanted to share because I got the news today.  I thought about posting this in 'living with', but then I figured it might be better for the people who are newly diagnosed to see this.

I started meds 6 months ago with a CD4 of 316/23%.  I just got my latest CD4 count: 573/38%.  Up over 100 from 3 months ago.  I was undetectable as of 3 months ago.  I'm on Atripla.

Yeah, it's a hard road, but this stuff works and I'm elated.  Hang in there.  I swear it gets easier.

Being in "normal range" I intend to have a sushi dinner with my friend tomorrow.   ;D



Thanks for that bit of information Brian, Im not yet on meds but could be by years end, this damn virus has been on my mind every minute of every day, you just can't excape it.  I hope I have as good a result when I start on the meds, and I hope with little side effects, good for you. Stay in touch, info like this is good for all us new comers who worry about the future every waking monent.

Thanks again

That's great news Brian.  Congrats.  I have to echo what Fosbery said.   Definitely keep us updated.  The meds thing is quite scary.

Thanks Ldn and Fosbery,

The med thing scared the crap out of me too.  I know it's different for everyone, and who knows what the long term side effects might be...BUT the side effects were minimal for me from Atripla and at this point are pretty much non-existent.  It's definitely not all doom and gloom...don't forget that!

much love,

Great news !!! :)

i'd go for a juicy steak instead of sushi but that's just me :D


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