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Welcome Kris.....  First impressions on your doctor are important.  How important they are to you is up to you...  I like to be hand held and coddled and thats what I found first pick.....   As for your numbers, I think its a bit earily to be thinkin meds....  At least another full set of labs if not one more after that and about 3 months between.   It would be great to know your viral load and cd4/cd8 percentage as this gives us a better snap shot in time of how your bug is bugging....

Welcome to AM, you will find all of us to be a handful of weirdness, inspiration, love and support...  Take it, its free...



Thanks for the responses  :-)   managed to find a new ID Dr and am very happy. Still not on meds,  my numbers are okay so I am in that limbo,  deciding what to do.  :-)

Hey Kris,

Glad to hear that you found a doctor that your happy with  !!! Your numbers look good. When is your next scheduled appointment for blood work?

Take care-----Ray

Go back in August....gotta love the waiting game  ;-)

       Get the phenotype and genotype tests taken before you go on meds. This way you and your doctor will know what strain/type of the virus you're dealing with and then your doctor will know what drug therapy to put you on. The tests are expensive but in the long run will save you time and guess work regarding what medication is working for you and what isn't.





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