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I am frusrated too i was leaving well with my family not until early 2006 when   iwas diagonised my cd4 is good with 1102 but my viral load rose from 15000 last test to 50000 which i am very worried about,my wife and my two children are so close to me and i am afraid for their life as my skin is not ok as before especially my hand and leg my wife and children is like that too i am afraid as i dont have the confidence to tell them to do the test since i was told life has not be thesame for me,i am now bankcrupt i am about loosing the house i bought on morgage five years a go.   rote


If you're worried about infecting your wife and children because of skin problems, please relax. Hiv is NOT transmitted in this manner.

As long as you are wearing a condom for anal or vaginal intercourse with your wife, you won't infect her.

You won't infect your children by hugging, kissing or otherwise touching them.

Hiv is spread through unprotected intercourse and in the context of family life, that's the only thing you need to avoid. You might want to read the HIV Transmission Lesson so you can better understand transmission matters.

Oh, and welcome to the forums!



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