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okay....after 9 vials of bloodletting and waiting a month, I now know that my CD4 is 254...low? Luckily it is not resistant and should be treatable with my choice of poisons...the catch is my viral load is lost in the mail or some fax machine is being evil today.  no word on the Hep B, or any other tests except for Hep C which  came back neg. 

I am not sure yet what to think of my ID Dr,  I have heard mixed reviews,  he has been nice enough to me.  But I just wonder if I shouldn't have a Dr that would have looked at my test results before my appt--is that unrealistic? The viral load results should have only taken  week or two, that means he had the results for 2 weeks before the appt and could have had me give more blood or tracked down the results in the meantime.  Instead my results are right on the edge,  and pretty much left it up to me about meds,  no real advice on the matter or anything.  I am fine with taking an active part in my treatment and the way it will head...but it just seems like something is lacking here. 

Some background:

I was sick in October of 2006 and got a test,   still neg so i wasn't producing antibodies at that time.  Diagnosed Jan 18 2007.  Blood was drawn Feb 5th, I had just had a minor cold the week before.  March 5th I am at CD4: 254  unknown viral load.  if they don't find it I will be getting more blood drawn tomorrow and should have the count numbers in a week or so.

With my numbers where they are...should I head for meds now?  wait two months for the next round of testing?  I am sure I will be surfing the net all night  for answers but any advice would be appreciated,  either on the meds or the Dr.   I am spoiled by having a great General practice Dr who has taken great care of both my partner and I for years.   Am I just asking too much from my ID Dr?  Recommendations for a Dr in the Tampa Bay area?



Hello Kris,

Welcome to the forums...I have had errors made, which resulted in either not getting the viral load back, or having to take a redraw, and have it re-done. So, it does happen on occasion. I am up in the Clearwater area. Sometimes my blood tests results can take over two weeks to get to me from my doctor.( from the time they are taken in his office) Hang in There. I would wait for the additional blood test results, before making hasty decisions to start on meds. But of course, this is between you and your doctor.

Your t-cell counts are going to to fluctuate, especially since you were recently diagnosed positive in January.And you were negative in October. Hang in there !! When you get those results let us know...

Meantime, make sure to check out the lessons portion of the site. Takle your time, and ask questions, when you get them, if there are things you don't understand.

Welcome to the forums--stay in touch----------Ray

Thanks Ray,  and all those who have sent PMs.   Taking it day by day just frustrated with the one number I was able to get, and the lack of concern/advice from the Dr. 

I have heard there is an office specializing in HIV/AIDS in Clearwater...waiting for a call back from a friend with the you/anyone know of it?  Going back in to get more blood drawn today so I am going to get copies of my paperwork...looks like with my current ID Dr that will be the best way to get a handle of how things are going.



I private messaged you, some information.

Take care------Ray

Hi Kris. Have you been able to make contact with a reputable HIV Doctor here in St Pete?
I have been here for seven years, moved up from Miami, and was very fortunate to get with the right healthcare professionals within a six month period.
Let me know if i can help with suggestions, or advice.
Be Well.  :)

Al H


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