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"The Hunger," by Jonathan Kivett

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Poz Brit:
Congratulations and Thankyou,  a very enjoyable little read, Jonathan.


The Hunger... for more words?

A 250 word limit? That's criminal!

Nice job Jonathan. You must have been very busy with the scissors and paste. :D


Jonathon is quite gifted as a writer.  We see this everyday as he takes ideas that are based on any level of the spectrum and can come across straight forward or frightfully entertaining.  As we can see in his current avatar, that is gods hand touching his mind (god being in lower case to not seem pretentious) with a ray of hope blessing his mind.  Have the best day
(who has never been inside a church)

Superb write, Jonathan.  I agree with Ann.  The 250 limit is criminal.

As always, a very well written item by Jonathan who has a wonderful way with words...You done did good guy !!!

Jody ;)


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