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"The Hunger," by Jonathan Kivett

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Thanx Tim...I'll toot that horn again.  Jonathan is an excellent writer.  His insight has amazed me on numerous occassions.  You Go Jonathan :-*

Andy Velez:
Editorial word counts can really drive ya nutz sometimes, Jonathan.

Within that restriction, as was so during the decades of movie censorship, it can also stimulate creativity to get your points across. And it sure as hell is a means to learning about paring down to essentials.

Hopefully you will get to do longer pieces in POZ and elsewhere.

Congratulations on the excellent 250!

(Jeezus, it took me 49 words to say that and I'd hardly started. Cut! Cut! Cut!)


Way to go Jonathan!!!

My gosh, 250 word limit is criminal.  I could type 250 words in the blink of an eye and than some.  In time though, you'll get the hang of it (rereading and editing, cutting it down to the necessary points you want to get across)... And should they give you more space and more words to play with -- that would be FANTASTIC!!!  I love reading your stuff.  You amaze me.

Keep 'em coming Jonathan.  I look forward to reading more.


Dear Jonathan,

It is always a pleasure to read your contributions, this piece was intriguing and thought provoking as usual. Thanks!

Hope there is a lot more to come!

Eirin  :-*


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