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"The Hunger," by Jonathan Kivett

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Tim Horn:
Hi Everyone...

I just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the writing of Jonathan Kivett (jkinatl2) featured in the current issue of POZ.  The editorial staff of the magazine has been following Jonathan’s incredibly prolific and self-actualized Blog and Forums postings for quite some time.  In turn, they asked him to submit a piece for the “Thinking” section  – the last, but most coveted page of the magazine. 

Jonathan’s short but incredibly humorous and witty reflection on sex – both forms of the noun – eloquently gives a personal "afterword" to the July issue, focusing on HIV and sex.  The piece is a true testament to Jonathan’s gift as a writer, leaving his readers thinking, laughing, and relating to what he has written.

This won’t likely be the last of Jonathan’s contributions to POZ (or AIDSmeds for that matter); the editorial staff has been telling me for weeks that his is a joy and a marvel to work with.

Tim Horn


Aw man. Thanks for the extra horn tooting :)

(there was no blushing smiley)

Great read JK, they need to give you more room though.

When they told me I had a 250 word limit, I freaked a little. I mean, the email I sent asking about the word limit was longer than that <grin>.

Hell, I've had THAT many words in a toilet session.  Not sure POZ is ready for that article though.  Nice job with what you got though.


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