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Hello Newpozmommaof4,

First, I would like to say Welcome to the Forum. You have come to the right place for information in helping you cope with this new chapter in your life.  It wasn't very long ago that I too found out that I was HIV Positive.  I must tell you that you are going to be okay and you will be there for your children.  Secondly, the next thing you must do is find yourself a doctor that specializes in HIV or Infectious Diseases.  This virus is very tricky and sneaky and someone who has the proper medical training will need to monitor you and the virus progress.   Next, the thing you will realize about being positive is that we positive folks do not have the luxury of getting stressed out.  You have found out your status, so now it is time to move on.  Remember you have four little ones that are counting on you, so you have all the reason's in the world to continue living.  Just know that you have someone in Memphis, Tennessee who is praying for you and your babies.  I don't know you guys, but I love you and please do send me a private message if you like.  Take care and EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!!!!!


--- Quote from: newpozmommaof4 on March 03, 2007, 04:04:15 PM ---  I just found out my husband cheated on me. To be safe, I went to get myself tested and I came back positive. I have 4 kids (13,11,9, &2), all of whom were tested and came back NEGATIVE!!! I have NO family to lean on and my soon to be ex can not be counted on. What will happen to my children????? I have cried for a week straight  :'(  and have yet to come up with a solution, PLEASE, I need ideas. I really don't care if I die or not, I guess I do, but I am more worried about my babies.....

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