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My brother has aids

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AIDS is just a description of advanced HIV infection.  It means the patient has less than 200 CD4s or a CD4 percentage of less than 14%.  OR a patient who has presented with an OI (opportunistic infection).

By that definition, your brother has AIDS.

However, once below that point, it's completely possible to rise above the 200 CD4 level with medications... but you will still be considered to have AIDS.

I really hope your brother gets better, and I'm glad to hear he'll be able to start meds soon.


Just remember that AIDS is just a medical term.  Your brother can improve with medication, even back into the realm of being HIV+, but officially he will from now on be medically classified as having AIDS.  There is an upside to being in the AIDS classification in that he may be eligible for extensive benefits beyond what are available to people that are classified as HIV+.  Contact your local AIDS Service Organization if you haven't already for more information.  Hope your brother is feeling better and is on the road to recovery.

Andy Velez:
Andy, I've seen many people make amazing recoveries and there's every reason to think your brother can as well.

It's essential that he be under good medical care with his numbers being monitored regularly. If you have questions about his specific situation can you talk with his doctor? It's always good for a doctor to know there are family members or others close to the patient who are paying attention.

Keep us posted on how it's going. He's lucky to have you for a loving brother.



--- Quote from: jandy7 on March 02, 2007, 06:35:05 PM ---My brother has had hiv since 2004, but refused to take medication, choosing to believe the denialist's theories after reading a book by Phillip Day (world without AIDS i think)...

He became ill with pneumonia a few weeks ago, and now his cd4 count is 0 and his viral load is 250,000.
--- End quote ---

Andy: Your Brother reminds me of a man who told me he had 3 CD4s! He then toasted my cocktail with his beer. We were toasting to his existence, not his behavior (drinking while ill). I don't know if he's still here years later, but it is amazing how the body can hang on. Getting him, and getting your Brother up there with CD4s and lowering that VL (probably easier) is the big struggle. I hope he has gone on the meds and will be adherent. These aren't guys who can tolerate even a common cold. Nor should they hang out in public saunas, trains, or elevators. They're pretty vulnerable, sort of like a 95 year old who gets the flu. Keep us posted. As the other Andy pointed out to you, your support and contact with his MD might be critical.  8) -megasept

water duck:
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if your brother , don't want to think otherwise.......................
.....................trying calling God, if you believe there is one.
Or try finding the other twin of Phillip Day !!


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