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My sister is missing... and I miss her. Can you help?

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Hi there everyone...

I was hoping someone would have some ideas on how to find David's father - because I've misplaced my sister. I originally wrote this in David's thread, but realised I was executing a hijack so I moderated myself and started this new thread.  ;)

I haven't talked to my sister in about ten years now. She moved and hasn't been in touch with either my brother nor me. My mother disowned her years ago (my brother too... I'm the only one that hasn't been disowned - at least as far as I know! Can you say "dysfunctional family"? Good I knew you could!)

Anyway, our last name is Smith and I'm sure everyone can appreciate that looking for a Cynthia Smith is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Every now and then I do an online search, hoping she is registered somewhere. I've even joined Gaydar in hopes that she has a profile up, but no luck. I think she may still be in the Cleveland Ohio area, but she used to dream about moving to Atlanta, so I don't know. I am in touch with my brother and I've tried to get him to search as it would be so much easier for him (because he lives there) than it would be for me, but he won't trouble his lazy ass to do it. This has become a bit of a bone of contention between George and me.

My sister was a bit upset with me for moving all the way over here and leaving her to deal with our mom alone... as she saw it. (this was before my mother disowned her but after she disowned George - mom's got huge issues that I won't bore you all with.) I'm hoping that would all be water under the bridge now and I'd love to be in contact with her again. She has no idea about my hiv status but I want to tell her. She has also missed out on so much where my daughter is concerned and she used to dote on her. Rachel has grown into such a lovely young woman and I'm sure Cindy would be just as proud of her as I am. (damn, this is making me tear up) 

So, if anyone does have info or ideas on ways to find a missing family member, I'm all ears! I really miss her.....  :(

Hopefully yours...


Matty the Damned:
Ann, does your sister stay in touch with people she went to school with? School reunions and similar events can often turn up suprising results. They often have contact people on the net or in your original community.

Hoping you make contact soon.


There is a very powerful Internet search tool called..............


You can find ANYONE on this thing and ALL of their last known addresses!



Andy Velez:
Yah, I was going to say similar to Matty's suggestion -- were there any friends whom she might be likely to have maintained contact with? Or a former employer?

I found a lost person once using  They had registered as being affiliated with their old high school and I sent an email and it worked.  Good luck Ann.


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