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starting to panic !

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sorry to bump this old topic but i wanted to let you guys who have been helping me know what is going on

- i saw my hospital doctor ( a new one ) and he said he would not sanction use of IL-2 as it was still too "experimental"

- he switched me from tenofivir to kivexa ( abacavir-lamivudine) but said they could not do the sensitivity test as it is too expensive ! kept me on kaletra though

- strangest thing was my latest lab results they did last week,

- my CD4 count after falling from 177 to 98 over 6 months has suddenly gone back up to 174

- my percentage has risen back up to 13 % after falling from 12 % to 4.9 % last time

I'm beginning to think they made a mistake with the penultimate tests, i don't see how my % can go from 12 to 4.9 and then back up to 13 inside a month !

I started the abacavir today so fingers crossed !

Matty the Damned:

Thanks for the update!


Okay, good, screwed lab result I reckon, bummer of time to have it.

Good luck with the Kivexa, only a fraction of people get a bad reaction, the definging feature is fever, not rash.  Any flu/cold-like symptom call the clinic.  Otherwise it's a damn goodie (as goodie nukes go), relatively side-effect free drug n a bit stronger than tenofovir/Viread too.

"Too expensive" ha! Next year I hope the abacavir sensitivity test will be standard of care in the UK, at least on paper

- matt


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