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Dan, this post breaks my fucken heart to know you feel the way you are.  I don't know what to do or say, I honestly don't.


Please know that we all love you and are here for you always

Dearest Dan

Having only lived with HIV for 4 years I can't imagine the emotional pain and suffering you have been through these last 20 years....and it saddens me to hear you have finally had enough..but after all you have been through I think you have earned the right to make your own decisions regarding your medication...and God help anyone who challenges your decision or dares to judge you because of it.

Thinking of you and sending you love from NZ

Jan :-*

Dan please what ever you do don't do it. There are so many of us on here that enjoy talking to you and you mean the world to me. I know we all get down from time to time and I truely understand where you are coming from with your problems at the present. I say the same things about stopping my meds. I would love to give up also because there is nothing in my area to attend either. You just take your time and please I love you and don't stop taking your meds.

  :-*  I LOVE YOU DAN  :-*


No matter what you decide, you have our support and understanding.



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