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So glad you are starting your meds again! Takes alot of courage to decide to go on.

Love ya


Oh, todays post is much better, I like you more today than Monday. No... you dont know me, I just joined in Feb. But I bet I've read some of your posts, and I bet I've learned something from you. My intuition tells me I could learn more from you....if, of course, you're here to tell me. While I wont be going to Montreal I hope you will.....go see your friends. Do you need money? I bet most peeps here would contribute towards a ticket. I would.
Peace ~Jordon

Hi Dan.

As you can see, the people here love you and respect you.  We are reaching out to you to help you.  But there is only so much we can do.  As siang says,

--- Quote ---Everything is going wrong because u let it & want IT.
NOW u need to LOOk at all these issues & say-now look here motherfuckers ... i have enough of u , & i want u out of my life, then u give them a bloody kick in the ass - voila   

MAKE IT HAPPEN BABY don't expect to be served on a plate !!

--- End quote ---

You say the job isn't working out?  Well, don't be so negative.  Make it work.  You say you can't replace Oscar?  Why not?  Just like your + friends here at Aidsmeds who love you, they're are so many of our furry friends out here you would love to share YOUR LOVE. 

You've opened up your life to us.  Now open it to yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Be positive.  Don't dwell on the negative.

Take some small steps.  Don't deny yourself.  Reward yourself.  Take a walk.  Buy yourself some new clothes.  Eat some ice cream.  It's be-nice-to-Dan-day.


First let me say that I abhor 'comfort sayings.'  You know...the "Everything will work out" type of thing...which to me is dismissive of both the person and their problems.  So I'm certainly not trying to do that here.

In my own case, most of my challenges are things over which I have no real influence or control.  So, then, what can I do?  To the extent possible (and it's not infinite) I try to adjust...accept...and change my reaction to things.  I do this because I have learned to love myself...and I feel this is as close a key as exists to grappling with the disappointments and frustrations which would not exist were I not HIV symptomatic. 

Hope in some small way this may help.



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