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Another article about Drug Holidays being bad.



One of the biggest surprises of SMART trial [also known as the Strategies for Management of Anti-Retroviral Therapy trial], which was first presented during the 13th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections conference in Denver last year1 (and recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine2), was the high frequency of non-AIDS-related events among patients who had temporarily stopped antiretroviral therapy.

SMART had randomized HIV-infected individuals to two different strategies: one to completely suppress viral replication and the other to minimize patients' drug exposure while maintaining a reasonably elevated CD4 cell count. What the researchers found was that individuals who discontinued antiretroviral therapy not only had more AIDS-related events, but also experienced an increased frequency of events not "typically" associated with HIV infection, such as cardiovascular events, liver toxicity or renal events.


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