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Need help understanding what needs to happen for America in World Cup...

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Let's face it when Brazil wins -we all win!  At the last World Cup I started in a bar on 4th and Lafayette and by 12 that afternoon ended up with two hunks from Sao Paolo.  Brazil is the only team that when they win the world is one big celebration.

When other South American teams win the smaller matches the people drive around annoyingly honking their horns and disregarding all rules of the road.  If the French win you can hit the 60's on the East side where there is a large group of French restaurants- much like fete national. I'd don't think any other group has enough places in NY to hold any celebration except the Irish who didn't make it. Green Point in Brooklyn hasn't the Polish population it once had. And Little Italy is a farce.

And if the Americans should win - which eventually will happen due to the large population of immigrants from footbal playing countries -it will just be lost. I doubt they would even get the ticker tape parade that the Mets or Yankees have gotten.

Having many Brit friends I do kind of hope for England as they been going on about "66 for what seems like forever. On an interesting note the terrestrial station ABC has been showing games on Saturday. before this there was almost no coverage at of at anything but women's soccer. I felt the big 3 (baseball, football,and basketball) had something to do with this. Since the hockey strike totally ruined the sport and the amount of money that can be generated from soccer , it has finally gotten out of the shadows here .All any one needs to do is go to Flushing Meadows in Queens ( home to Tennis) on a week end and see the hundreds of guys playing  fotbol!
I don't care how fat Renaldo got, the Brazilian fan base is the hottest and the horniest- we all win!

Just an unbiased view


Maybe if the USA started calling the "Beautiful Game" by its proper name - FOOTBALL - it might help. :D

Soccer indeed!

(who doesn't really give a poo either way but just feels like stirring said poo.)


This is my understanding. You need to win, a draw is not good enough for you as then you will be on 2 points and last in the group no matter what happens to anyone else.
If Italy beats the Czech Republic and you beat Ghana you will be through as Italy will have 7 points and the US second on 4 points.
If the Czech Republic beats Italy and you beat Ghana you will be tied with Italy on 4 points and it will come down to goal difference. Currently Italy has a goal difference of +2 (ie they have scored 2 more goals then they have conceded) and the USA is on a goal difference of -3 (ie the US has scored 3 less goals than it has conceded). Basically you need to beat Ghana by at least 3 goals and hope that Italy loses by more than 2 goals. If you win by 3 and they lose by 2 you will both have a 0 goal difference and I think they team that has scored the most goals goes through, if that is the same it probably comes down to the number of fouls or something ridiculous like that.
If the US loses against Ghana then you are out and on your way home.

In Australia's case, if we beat Croatia we will go through. If we draw with Croatia we will go through provided that Japan does not beat Brazil by more than 2 goals.



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