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Need help understanding what needs to happen for America in World Cup...

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Right now I know we are in last place in our division.  BUT....if the Czech Republic loses to Italy and we beat Ghana, does that mean we will advance as the 2nd spot in our group?

Under that scenario, Italy clearly is tops from our group, but that would give us 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss to Ghana's and Czech Republics 1 win and 2 losses.

The U.S. has to win its last match and preferably by at least two goals difference.  It cannot afford a draw.  Just like on group F, of France, pretty much anything can happen!  Usually, it is the goal average that decides who's second in such circunstances, given that Italy is bound (really?) to finish first.  But, then again even that is not a certainty yet... The Czechs  are indeed capable of beating  the Italians! And the truth is that with only four points, the Italians are far from being assured the supremacy of the group.
In that case scenario (the Czechs winning), the Czechs  would finish  with six points, Italy with four points  and the U.S., provided it beats Ghana, four points as well.  The goal average, then, would decide who's second.  And since  the U.S. is doing poorly regarding the goal average up to now, it has to beat Ghana by at least two goals difference!
Now, suppose Italy and the U.S. win their respectives matchs,  then  we have the following situation: Italy finishes up with seven points and the U.S., four points, Ghana and the Czech, three points each.
I'd say Bruce Arena had better get his boys playing aggressively against the Africans, or else it will be good bye!


I'm not sure if I know the answer but this is what I heard over the weekend.  Assuming Italy defeats the Czechs by one goal, then the US must win by more than 1 goal over Ghana.  For this reason both games (Italy v. Czechs and US v. Ghana) will be played at the same time.  If the US went into its game knowing how many goals it would need to score to go onto the next round, it would give them an unfair advantage.  That makes sense to me but I'm not sure it answers your question.



I can't help but think of all that wasted gasoline used by all those soccer moms in their SUVs.

Just had to say that! :D


And in case the US qualifies  in the second place of this group, it will face Brazil in the next round. I hope the US qualifies.


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