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Hey Ric,

Oh boy have we many more new people to keep up with.  I find it overwhelming also.  Trying to keep up -- impossible.  I guess we just have to do what we can, post when we have time and reach out just like we always did...

I took a short hiatus from the forums recently because I couldn't keep up with everyone and there were just too many new people at all once.  It kind of threw me for a loop.  Plus, the fact that I had my own issues to deal with and come to terms with recently, I shied away from the forums fearing that I wouldn't be much support or help to anyone.  But, since I'm in a better frame of mind now, I look forward to getting to know the new comers, make new friends, as well as strengthen the bonds with the friends I already made here.  We just have to make the best of it...and that's what I intend to do.  I'm learning to accept the fact that life changes all the time -- these forums are no different and I welcome the bigger picture -- A FAMILY THAT IS GROWING.

HUGS TO YOU ALL (old & new members)

Trish :-*

Hey Ric...I know what you mean, mind boggling!  It's all I can do to scan topics, posted by, and go from there....this could be a full time job, LOL!

I find it analogous of the Clampetts, moving into the fancy new mansion.     ......fancy pot passers, and all. ;)

I totally agree
It's a bit daunting and the same time I get such a rush as new family members sign in. It's like a  daily family reunion that keeps growing.
Thanks Ric for expressing what I've been feeling of late.


I keep looking at that teller and hope ot reaches one thousand soon.

It is overwhelming, but it feels like thousand of arms are stretched out at me...

hermie :D


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