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Ric Wilke:
Dearest Forum Friends,

I am overwhelmed by the number of new threads posted since we merged with Poz.  I simply can not keep up with everything being posted.  I try to read everything but get lost.  This site has become wonderfully huge.

We have become a huge family of people that have something in common.  HIV/AIDS is not a pleasant thing to live with but we are all thriving with this virus.  We are all surveyors.

Bless us all, Ric

Hip hip hooray,   ;D........can't wait till we bash it to extinction. Thks for your thoughts Ric


Yep, things are busy around here and I recognized quite awhile back I wasn't ever going to be able to keep up with reading all the posts.  But you're right, we are one huge family and our strength lies therein.




Andy Velez:
And Ric, fortunately there is no comprehensive final written test on entries here. So just get to whatever you can.

Always good to hear from you.



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