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well I finally got my first lab reports (I was tested before X-Mas and found out I was poz in Jan). my CD4 was 656 and my VL was 12,984.  I think these numbers are pretty good and I am not being put on meds yet. 

I do have a question about doctors though.  Is there anyone out there that knows how to find and research doctors in your area?  the doc. I have hasn't really impressed me, I think she is homophobic and seems to feel very uncomfortable talking about sex!  I find this strange for a doc. of infectious diseases!  anyway, I need to find a new doctor.  I am looking for ways to find a doctor and when I do find one how can I get information about that doctor?  any suggestions? any comments?  also feel free to post experiences (good or bad) with you doctors to give an idea of what myself and others might expect from a doctor.

Congrats on the decent numbers - hope they only get better and better.

As for finding a doc - most common advise I've seen here is to contact a local AIDS Service Organization if there is one near where you live and ask them for a recommendation.  Also might try listings for Infectious Deisease doctors in everything from the yellow pages to medical assosiations including your states medical society. 

Do a Google search for Finding an HIV doctor and you'll get lots of sites with recommendations on what questions to ask a new doctor etc.

For myself, I lucked out and got a recommendation from my local ASO and was assigned a super doctor at a clinic that specialises in HIV/AIDS.  So far (a little over 4 months) it's been going very well.


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