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Has anyone heard from lis?

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Has anyone heard from Lis lately? Worried about her or has she decided to leave our little family here on the forums!

Hope you come back to your family here on aidsmeds.

<<<<< WE MISS YOU >>>>>

Matty the Damned:
Hey Jerry,

Lis and I exchange emails from time to time. She's just taking a little break.


Matty the next time you talk too Lis please tell her I was thinking about here and miss her dearly.

Hi Jerry,
She came up for air a couple of days ago. She is on the mend, just not on top of the world at the moment. I imagine she will say something when/if she is ready.

Lis is of one of those that give this place its value.

Also, the much needed bitch slap every now and then.   ::)



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