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Sheer HAART Attack !

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OK.  So I have this big old bottle of Crestor sitting here staring back at me.  The doc has been wanting to put me on this stuff for awhile now.  For some deep seated psychological reason, I have been putting it off and putting it off.  I delayed actually getting the scrip filled until just last week.  I've been feeling like poo for the last several days, and that has been justification for me to put off taking it during that time.  I am getting ever closer to recovered, though...and still it sits.  My cholesterol had topped out at a whopping 500 last year.  It dropped down to around 300 as of late fall.  The doc wants me to come in for a draw in about 4 weeks to assess how well the Crestor is working.  Still I resist.  I'm not sure if it is because part of me just doesn't want to add another med to the roster or what.  It's probably a good idea for me HIV or not- I come from a long line of cardio compromised stock.  This is one scrip that likely would have found its way into my life even without the virus factor.

Wondering how many out there use this drug, have a scoop on it, etc.  Does it comes with any particular nastiness that I should know about?  Drug interactions and stuff?  Is this another life-long scrip adventure I am embarking on? 

Go to the link for more information on the Crestor drug.

There is a great tool to check for drug interaction on this site under the "Cool Tools" link above. 

Statins are a fairly powerful and beneficial class of drugs.  They'll probably be checking your liver enzymes initially but overall it has fairly well tolerated.  Also, you may wish to take it at night since statins have a higher efficacy while you sleep. 

Good luck!

Thanks, Tom.  Yes, the scrip info does say to take it at bedtime. 

Tim  I have been using Crestor for nearly 6 problems come with the meds
( they are causing bad readings)  Dr says we will stick with it for a few more months see if it really kicks in...  two notes ..any "fatty foods" will absolutely cause a double dose of the shits.... and the pill is so tiny be sure you have really swallowed it.....several times I have taken pills , brushed teeth and pink pill falls out in sink

BTW...  my numbers hang in around 300 which is still too high... I practically gave up Ice cream, meatballs,  butter , and get to 300



My cholesterol issues are somewhat based in family history, but mostly from the meds.  Given the rumblings the meds have caused, it is hard for me to believe there could be such a thing as a double dose of the shits.  Yipes.

Thanks for the notes!


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