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Carbon nanotubes could help stop spread of HIV according to Stanford University

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More good news....  ;D :D :)

Here's the link to the article.


fabulous news..

I'm a bit sceptical of this one. What happens with the carbon nanotubes once they have delivered their loads? They cannot be metabolised, so do they stay inside the cell, accumulate and possibly clog the system?

I think you're getting way ahead of things. Researchers don't even know exactly how the nanotubes are delivering their payload. For all we know the NT's don't even go inside the cell, but simply "inject" the rna through the cell membrane. What's important is that it's good news. This is cutting-edge technology, one that seems to have far-reaching potential, not just for hiv but other diseases as well, so it's worth watching!


lots of exciting interesting research and results with NANOtech and HIV
This gives me reason to be optimistic

nano  HIV research

nanotubes and HIV research

viral load in various tissues

iRNA HIV esearch

some facts i have read recently that seems interesting

only one in one million CD4 Tcell is HIV infected even with average 30,000 VL

the infected CD4 cells are not the ones dying it is the ones called back to the nodes because body feels the infection battle is won that self distruct ( this has in last few weeks been learned to be Trim5 Alpha)

CD8 cells naturally supresss the virus in animals because of proteins and a receptor that just recently has been found called pd-1



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