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Colloidal silver?

Holy crap, this was discounted as quackery a decade ago. Not only does it provide ZERO benefits for HIV (or for acne, cancer, bacterial or viral infections as it claims) but overdosing, or even regular dosing over years will turn your skin, hair, teeth and nails a deathly gray color. This side effect is permanent.

There is little evidence to support therapeutic claims made for colloidal silver products;

The risk to consumers of silver toxicity outweighs the value of trying an unsubstantiated treatment, and bacterial resistance to silver can occur

Efforts should be made to curb the illegal availability of colloidal silver products, which is a significant public health issue [16] .


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For Further Information

Rosemary Jacobs, an argyria victim, has made a detailed study of the colloidal silver marketplace and is willing to answer questions.

This is dangerous stuff, and should be avoided like all other cure alls.

Thats delightful thanks... keep up the good research.

<< and who discounts it as quakery... drug companies do>>

Uh, no. Its discounted by science. By first tiered, peer reviewed science. The entire CONCEPT of colloidal silver is flawed.

I have noticed a disturbing trend here at aidsmeds, where science is discounted because of perceived pharmeceutical intervention. That sort of conspiracy theoryt is, in my opinion, a form of AIDS dissidence.

But if the notion of a big evil company making money off the sickness of others bugs you, you might want to research the company that makes and sells that colloidal silver solution:

I quote:

The EPA has placed a stop order sale on American BioTech Labs, Alpine, Utah for selling a registered pesticide, ASAP Solution, whose Internet advertising contains unproven claims to kill anthrax, tuberculosis and other public health diseases.

There is simply no proof that colloidal silver in ANY concentration is effective in the human body. None. Show me the first-tiered peer reviewed evidence that shows colloidal silver is effective against HIV viral replication. I urge you.

It did not do it in the doses which caused argria. How can a WEAKER solution be more effective? Show me the science, and not from the site that sells the stuff.

But thanks for the heads up. I have reported the company to the appropriater agencies, as they are clearly violating the law with their claims.

Quackery is everywhere. I do not blame you for posting it, or even believing in it. I do, however, feel commpelled to refute it when it threatens the integrity of the forum.

Lots of scientists on this website... thanks again.  Great moderator work Ann.


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