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Hey everybody,

I hope you will all join me in sending Melia (aka sweetasmeli) some Get Well Soon messages.

She rang me this morning from the UK (she's visiting family) to talk about a rash she is experiencing. She was told yesterday by a doc that it wasn't shingles... but that doc was dead wrong. From what she was describing, it was most definitely shingles! I advised her to get to the hospital as soon as possible so she could be put on valacyclovir (or acyclovir) and she texted me late in the afternoon to say that she has been admitted and put on a high-dose acyclovir drip as there was some concern that she is also getting an outbreak on her face.

We talked on the phone again this evening and she's doing ok, although a bit upset at having to be admitted. I'm just glad she's finally getting the proper care she needs. (I could just kick that doc she saw yesterday!) They now think she won't have an additional outbreak on her face and so she's hoping to be discharged in a day or so instead of the week she was originally told. Fingers crossed!

Melia says she drops in to the forums to read regularly, but hasn't re-registered yet. She says she will do when she's got internet access again so I'm hoping she'll have a nice long get well thread to welcome her back.

Get Well Soon Melia!
I hope you take good advantage of all that pampering you'll be getting in the next couple weeks. ;) Love ya Sweetie!

Hugs... gentle ones!  :-*


I am sending you some very positive thoughts Melia and hope you like ice cream cause I want to send  you some !


I have missed you!   I'm sorry you are having a rough time, I know how painful the shingles can be.   You are in my prayers, dear friend.

Thanks for letting us know, Ann.



Get well soon Melia!



I think a hug would hurt to much right now.

We miss you here, my dear.

SO, I send you a virtual huge hug.



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