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lymph swelling

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I am so scared guys!

About 3 weeks ago I gave a guy a handjob and he gave me one...

I know that was considered low risk, but I think I might have got a little precum on my hand and put it on my dick, thats where the risk came

now one of my lymph nodes is swollen and i am scared to death!  this node was always a little bigger than the other on my neck but its kind of visible now. 

does flu supposed to accompany lymph sweeling?  i am SO SCARED!!


What you describe is not low risk, it's NO risk. Every single part of what you describe is not a risk for hiv transmission. What happened is called mutual masturbation and mutual masturbation is not a risk for hiv infection.

Please read through the Welcome Thread and follow the Lesson links so you can become better informed about hiv transmission.

You didn't have a risk. If your lymph glands continue to worry you, see a doctor. In the mean time, keep your hands off them because touching them will cause them to swell and keep them swollen.


I know you say its no risk but the thing is that i think pre-cum may have gotten on my penis and that could have been the risk


--- Quote ---i think pre-cum may have gotten on my penis and that could have been the risk
--- End quote ---


No, sorry, but you are wrong. That is not a risk for hiv infection. Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus. Successful transmission and infection takes place INSIDE the human body (as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse). When the virus is exposed to the environment, it quickly becomes damaged and unable to infect a new host.

Not one person in the 25+ years of this pandemic has ever become infected with hiv through mutual masturbation and you will NOT be the first.

You did NOT have a risk of hiv infection in anything you describe.

NO risk.


thank you so much Ann for your response, i just have a few questions...

Does lymph sweeling usually come befor/after/or with the flu?

I am still really scared because my right lymph node on my neck is huge and is sticking out of the side of my neck.  Well, actually the actual lymph node isnt so big, i think its the skin/fat around it thats big. 

Also, r u sure i couldnt get affected by precum getting on my penis head?  i had depression for like 3 days and now im seeing that thats a symptom too, i havent seen any other symptoms though as of yet. 


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