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For the frequent flyers and flight attendants (Pam Ann)


T Rae/blond beauty/Herman:

Last night I saw a show by Pam Ann(  It's a satire, (and a dirty/filter one), on flight attendants.  I don't know the comedian who puts it own, but she's from Australia and very funny.  I tried to locate a video sample for you, but only found the one piece of her show I did not like (I didn't think it was funny and it was kind of stupid actually).

While the show is an exaggeration, it's funny how close to reality she is.  Like...

- When flight attendants pretend to be so damn busy once the plane reaches cruising altitude, by going back and forth between the cart and the galley...."touch the cart and run back to the galley.  touch the cart and run back to the galley.  touch the cart and back to the galley.....oh man, I'm so busy today."

- How FAs always seem to motion at each other and talk in code, also pretending to be so damn busy.

- How loud and annoying FAs are when they are breaking up the ice.

- How whenever there's turbulence, that means it's COFFEE TIME!!!

- How stiff and unfriendly British Airways FAs are...

- How all virgin Atlantic FAs look like "cock-sucking whores, and that's just the men."

- How loud and obnoxious American Airways FAs are...

- How FAs are nazis about putting your tray tables up and arm rests down to prepare for landing.....LIKE THAT WOULD EVER MATTER IF YOU CRASHED.

She also gets the audience involved (and remember their names through-out the show).  She breaks the audience into first, business and God help those sitting in the back (economy class).....

"DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME YOU PIECE OF SH*T, LOW LIFE ECONOMY PASSENGERS.  Eat your carrot you cheap SOB and stop wasting my time."

- She apparently has a big gay following and does several gay cruises.

Thanks Cliff, that's one I can share!!

I knew about that show but didnīt have the chance to see it. This is the advertisement of the show.

Thank you! I had fun watching it!

o maaaaaaaaaaaaaa lord.

She is funny Cliff. Thnx.

Wished I could see her life.



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