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I've been purged!!!

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Helli hallo,

As I wanted to post something new and see how you all have been doing I discovered that my profile had been purged without m e being informed!! Not nice, I know I am nor often online here but still I always come back. Anyways just got to see how to upload a photo again and everything will be ok.

My topic,

My legs keep withering away, just wanted to ask if anyone else is also having the same situation with trizivir. I have taken it since 2001 and am considering changing the therapy due to the leg and hip wasting. Does anyone have any info or recomendations as to what meds don't work in this way.

Would be happy for some input!

Greatings from Berlin

Rion Turner

Hi Rion,

Welcome back.  We moved to a new forum system, thingie....everyone had to create a new account and start all over.  So it's not just you, unfortunately.  But this forum thingie is much better...once you learn all the bells and whistles.

What did you decide on whether to immigrate to the US or stay in Germany?

heya Rion!

We all got purged, when they switched over to the new forums. It wasn't personal, trust me ... or if it was, it was universally personal <grin>.

I am sorry about the lipo issues you seem to ba having. I hope someone smarter than I can help you with that issue. Regardless, you are in my thoughts :)

As to the new forum..... How do I upload a photo??????

;D    ok as all can see I found out how to upload pics:-)

Now anyone with info on skinny legs and trizivir please comment. As one can see in my pic, My body is pretty much ok...... from the waste up, the waste down I look like a 60 year old marathon runner who is starving!!!


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