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Experience with support groups?

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med forum:

Yeah I know....You'd think that in a big city like Chicago there would be more than just one group
geared towards those who have loved ones who are pos. Believe me, I am a ltittle bit frustrated because I feel like there really aren't any resources available to someone like me. I really didn't think it would be so difficult.
I mean, I know I'm not the first person nor the last to want to get involved in a group like this.

The only one I have been successful in finding is at the Howard Brown Center that lasts four weeks.

I just think that right now the whole idea of serodiscordant couples is still kinda relatively "new" and the support groups need to grow wings in order to really take off. I wish to be a part of that!

Thanks for all your suggestions and help! I appreciate it!    :)

Miss Philicia:
I went to my first "structured" (meaning it was a closed group once it began) support group within my first six months of diagnosis in '93 though Body Positive in NYC which I believe is now defunct.  I recall most others in the group remarking that it was unusual to see someone enroll in a group so soon after diagnosis, and it was true that I was the most recently diagnosed in the group, and for sure I was the youngest (28).  I was rather shy about speaking much in the group, mostly because I didn't have but so much to share and was just there to listen.  Wasn't much I could contribute at that point.  I still found it useful and faithfully attended.  I forget how long it went on for -- it was probably a six month group or something.

I don't recall there being much outside socializing, though I know one weekend I did go out to some guy's place in the Hamptons for the weekend.  We didn't really maintain the friendship past that though.

It was probably another 7 years until I went back to support groups.  There are, however, a lot of resources in NYC for this or there were at the time.

Currently I'm in a very small, once monthly, group for treatment experienced that are on the current fuzeon/prezista combo and have been going since June.  I wouldn't be surprised if this begins fizzling soon, and might already be in the process of doing so as the last few meetings have been quite sparse though the group was tiny to begin with.

I have had the same problem in Atlanta. There are hardly any support groups actively meeting and none that really welcome the hetero HIV- partner of the infected person. I find I have to look online for any questions and support I might need. It is somewhat disheartening because I find I need support more - now than ever - as my partner's health wanes.

I am thankful for the boards and support I find here however. Bless you all for being there when I need you!

I do not have experience with a support group, I am dealing with it pretty good so far.   I live in Rogers Park in Chicago and I know that a Church here has a support group. 

Have you checked any churches in your area?  if you wish to email me, my email is .

Good Luck!

med forum:
I am going to my first support group meeting tomorrow night.....I hope that it will be a good experience......


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