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Experience with support groups?

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med forum:
Hi all

What is everyone's experience with support groups? If you have never been involved in one,
what was the reason? Were you able to find one that met your needs for being supportive
for your loved one? I am curious as to how many people have had the opportunity to become involved
in the area where they live......

I live in Chicago and feel like it's really difficult to find a group or support system for those
of us who have loved ones who are pos.....after searching for many months, I have been lucky
enough to find one....yes.....only one! It's been frustrating. Is the demand just not there?  :-\

What do you think?

There is a friends and family support group in Liverpool and they seem to be pretty happy with it, although I think most of them mainly use the group as a point of contact and keep in touch outside the group.


med forum,
Are you looking for yourself or a loved one? Does the group you found not meet your needs? Are you looking for something hetero or homo in particular?

One, I would think in a large Metro area there would be several options available.

Though recently, it's been stated by our group-leader that their doesn't seem too be too many interested in a group these day's. Gather their just too much information available on line and the need just isn't their.

I beg too differ. I believe we need support greatly as anyone in society... gathering together, sharing common interest, treatment options, and alternatives as well.

I do find it rather sad, that outside the group most dont' keep intouch, or ventrue out together too do things in life. Though that maybe attributed to the fact that were just being productive members of society.. living longer, and keeping healthy..

I'd check with local outreach org. hospitals, and Dr. offices.. county, state, offices to see what options maybe available in your area...

Starting a support group is rather simple too do if interested.. just make it know, where you'd like to meet, and make it a safe place. Make sure individuals go through a screening process, are poz. or in need of support.. again healthcare org., mental health org., and H.I.V. / A.I.D.s org. can make suggestions as well. Hope this has been helpful for you... Enjoy, and happy hunting...


When I first began to go to my support group back in late 1995 I was very wet behind the ears regarding living with HIV...The men there took me under their wings, several in particular, and I learned about how to live with and deal with something that is not my whole life but a very important aspect of it, like it or not.

I learned about treatment options, getting insurance, dealing with doctors and generally how to cope...We discussed anything and everything and often went to movies, shows, restaurants, etc.

Today I am the senior member of the same group and am often asked to speak first to new members (Many have stayed, some got scared away ::)

Going the first time is of course very difficult as you wonder if you will fit in, what will it be like, etc...But going back a second time is equally difficult as you wonder - What impression did I make, was I liked, do the guys really want me to come back???

Chances are you will do just fine, be accepted and if you're lucky maybe you will even get bitten  ;D  Just go and DO IT !!!  Life with HIV is not something to experience all by your lonesome.



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