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Strange red spots after 4 years

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Dear experts,

For several months I am observing dark red and purplish lesions on my body and I see new lesions almost every week.They are of the various size from less then 1 milimeter ( almost microscopic size) up to larger around 2 - 3 milimeters of flaty shape and there are 2 nodular lesions of dark red colour of size 3mm on my arms ( those were the first ). The total number of lesions might be around  60 on my hands, legs, hights, palms, upper arm, chest, back and new are occuring like very small red spots which grow by time passing.
I have got normal brown spots that have most of people but those purplish - dark red spots are really stressing me. The lesions are located almost symetricaly comparing the left and right extremities.
These lesions are not itchy and painful and they do not fade when pressed.

What I do not understand is how this might be possible to have KS and being HIV neg. My possible exposure was 4,5 years ago and I had 7 HIV ELISA negative tests, the latest negative test was 3 years ( HIV1, HIV2, p24antigen test ) since the exposure.
My total lymfocyte count taken 9 month ago was 2900, ( and CBC was OK ) so I gues that CD4 count should not be too low but of course the CD8 count is not known and might be high and thus total count is within the range.
My additional persistent symptoms for more then 4 years are PGL, white tongue, pain similar to PN, esophageal pain, trush in inguinal area and perineum, fatigue, tinnitus, red eyes, yeallow flashes in eyes sometimes, often diarhoea and flatulance, discomfort in lower abdominal area, headache. Recently I have noticed loss of enamel on the top of my front lower teeth. Could this be somehow connected with strange lesions? I mean Calsium deficiency or similar.

I would like to ask you what do you think about my strange symptoms? Could this be KS despite my HIV neg tests that should have ruled out the HIV infection or should I ask for more tests like bDNA or PCR test?

Thank you very much for your answer. 


Assuming you haven't had any other exposures such as unprotected intercourse, then you have reliably tested negative and do not have HIV.  Go to a doctor for a diagnosis.  Do not attempt to diagnose yourself.  HIV is not the problem here, but there can be many other things that you can have.


While I am NOT saying that you do have KS, you don't have to have hiv to get KS. KS has been around for centuries and some hiv negative people do get it. It's a type of cancer.

You have ruled hiv out as a possible cause to your problems. Go see a doctor and show the doctor your skin problems. We can't diagnose them here, all we can do is tell you that you are reliably and conclusively hiv negative.

Now go make an appointment with your doctor.


Hello Ann and Coffeechick,

Thanks for your answers.I think I should add more info why I am still thinking of the HIV infection.The girl I was having intercourse 4,5 year ago she had similar red spots but that time I had no idea that it might be something dangerous. Before this I was really healthy man. When I noticed swollen lymph nodes several weeks later I started worried and had all the panel for STD up to 7,5 months past the exposure. All tests were negative just symptoms persisted and new were comming as I mentioned above.
Well, honestly I have to say that I am worried to go to the dermatologist  but there is no other way how to find what is going on. I just want to be sure that HIV is ruled out because other expert ( a professor ) have advised me to take a bDNA test just to be sure.
So this is why I named myself a lost man because some people are telling me that HIV is ruled out while others say have another test. I feel to be lost in the magic circle of confusing information and feel more terified about my life and future.


Why? A PCR DNA test is not a diagnostic test. Why not use the money and go see a dermatologist?


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