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do people which are HIV positive have pain in their armpits..easy yes or no question

NO, I've never had pain in my arm pits.

I  have pain in my armpits from time to time. I am HIV negative.

Now, what does this tell us? Symptoms donīt matter. If you are in doubt about your status, go and get a test. It can be done in 20 min.



Andy Velez:
Cali, the presence or the absence of any symptoms is never, ever the way to know your HIV status.

If you are sexually active it's good to regularly have a full STD panel done -- at least annually and every six months is even better.

As for HIV, the ONLY way to accurately know your HIV status is to have an HIV test. If you have had unprotected intercourse you should get tested at 13 weeks past the most recent such incident.

Everything else is just guesswork and HIV is never something to guess about.


I remain pit-pain free.

Get tested


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