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a crucial phase that could be the Achilles' heel of hiv...

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"first handshake", scientists hope to be able to study the precise part of the gp120 molecule that acts like the key that opens the CD4 lock, and so which could be the bull's-eye of the vaccine target...

I like this one~!

Nice read, but I always get some wind knocked out of my sails when I notice AIDS written as Aids. 

It definitely sounds like a possible breakthrough!!  I pray that it will be!!

I like how they dont have promises included... only facts.  And I think they were in a rush to get this one out... probably why they forgot to to make AIDS in all caps  :P

i believe that if this leads to a vaccine that is "capable of eliciting a robust antibody response" then it can be used as a therapudic vaccine for those of us already infected

the article state....

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says that Dr Kwong's study provides a long-sought picture of the precise interaction between the gp120 surface protein of HIV and a neutralising antibody. "This finding could help in the development of an HIV vaccine capable of eliciting a robust antibody response," Dr Fauci says.

If so, then the Holy Grail of Aids medicine may have been finally found, with millions of lives saved with the help of an effective HIV vaccine.

Resistance movement: viruses that have yet to be conquered


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