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OMG Am I infected?


Hello, I have acne on my arm and i busted a pimple. It started to bleed and it became an open sore. I went out in puiblic and I was out all day. Can I get aids from just touching a doorknob where somebody with the disease touched or from an infected person's sweat? The sore is a littl swollen now....??? :o

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Andy Velez:
Oh my God! the answer is no. Your concern reveals a serious lack of awareness about the basics of HIV transmission.

Follow Rod's suggestion and read the lesson on transmission and the one about testing as well. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come. For the sake of your health and to spare yourself a lot of unnecessary worries, get down with the realities of HIV transmission.

This time out you don't have any cause for concern, but you do need to become better informed.


Oh My God! You walk among HIV positive people every day. If HIV were that easy to catch, HIV positive people would be isolated from you.

You can get HIV through unprotected anal and/or vaginal sex.


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