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I'm hoping those of you that work out can help me here.  I joined a gym a little over a month ago.  I splurged for a trainer that I meet with twice week for half an hour, and we focus on upper body.  I do about 15-20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  Nothing heavy, just a brisk walk.  On the other days of the week I work with 25 lb dumbbells at home for my biceps.

My problem is I'm impatient. I'm not seeing any results yet.  Some people have told me because I'm so slim I would see immediate results.  Others have told me 6-8 months. 

Another thing I"m confused about is should I be doing cardio.  Since my teenage years I've always maintained a weight of around 145.  I worked all the way up to 170.  Since working out I've lost 10 lbs, putting me at 160.  People tell me that this will be replaced by muscle weight.  I'm afraid that I"m losing more fat weight (and i"m not even fat) than I'm putting on muscle weight, which is apparently none.  By no means do I wanna drop below 160.  Should I cut out the cardio even though most information I hear and read says not to?  I'm eating more than I used to and healthier foods (no fast food for 2 months!). 

It just doesn't feel like I'm doing something right.  Any advise?

Just a few thoughts:
You are doing a GOOD thing even if you dont see results right away ( or if you dont achieve what you think you should)
How about the trainer......have you discussed with him why you are working out and what goals you have? What did he say.
I know of a trainer who is HIV poz and tailors his clients workouts very specifically.
My partner began working out about 8 to 10 years ago.  He is doing really well with his weightgain and his muscle mass. I think it took him 3 years before he achieved his goals.  He has lipodystrophy and NO FAT anywhere on his body but he looks great. ( Well, he thinks his ass is too flat, but it looks fine to me!!!)

Dear Dennis,

I have a fitness/wellnes Center myself.

Have you been tested ( bike-test, heartmonitored eg?)
You might be training on a fatburning level, wich is normally a bit lower then training for condition.

You mention you have stopped eating fast-food. Your body will need to adjust to that ad you might be loosing weight in the beginning.

Make sure you never leave more then 2 1/2 hours between any meals. Eat enough carbohydrates and ensure your proteinintake is suffciently high. You could go for a proteinshake after your workout.

To gain musclevolume you need to do higher weights at lower repetitions.

Don't overtrain, as you may start to burn muscle tissue instead of building it up.

And last but not least : being HIV it is important to listen to your body.
And... yes, be patient my friend.




I can't really add any expert opinion here, just my own experience. I lost alot of weight during my primary infection. I've been working out 4 to 5 times a week for about 8 months. I fell of the wagon a little but I'm still going. I saw some quick results considering I had become rail thin. I think I've gained like 15 lbs. from my low darkest time, and it definitely doesn't seem to be in my belly. My shoulders seemed to fill out and I gained some mass in my arms. My doctor grabbed my shoulder and asked, 'Are you working out????' But I have definitely plateaued which I think caused some frustration and a period of decline in going to the gym. I quickly doubled the weights I was lifting but now the increase is much slower. Really I think it is just going to take time.  With the amount of time I was spending and being vain I wanted much better results, but I do already look much different than before. Stick with it. And really, psychologicly nothing has been better for me (aside from joining this site). I think the cardio stuff is great for my head. I love the rowing machine, but also can't deny what a good run can do for you.


Wow!  3 years before noticible changes?!  I'd give up before then I think.  My trainer said it could take anywhere from 6-12 months before I see noticible changes, and then I would see it in my back and shoulders first.  I was really hoping to see immediate changes in my rail thin arms.  I do see a slight increase in my biceps, but only when I flex.  And even then it's a really small diference.  However, I can lift a little bit more weight then when I started. 

Hermie - you said have a meal every 2.5 hours.  You've gotta be kidding!  I"ve already added breakfast to my diet.  I do eat more snacks in between the major three meals.  I've been really good about laying off the junk food and haveing fruit, raw vegetables, toast with peanut butter, or even a bowl of whole grain cereal.  I think my trainer is alluding the higher weight less reps idea.  He usually sets the machine for much more weight than I can actually do.  I can usually get through the first set by myself, and then he helps me somewhat with the remaining two sets. 

I asked my trainer about whey protein shakes and he told me I wasn't at that point yet.  It wouldn't do anything.  He pointed to some muscle head and said that's the type of person who needs whey protein.  This kind of against everything I've been reading which says to have a protein shake after your workout. 

I with ya Brian.  I never considered myself vain, but I was expecting rapid results due to my physique.  I guess a month really isn't that long.  Hopefully I'll see a slight difference in a few months. 

Overall, like going to the gym.  I take that back.  I don't like going to the gym, I like how I feel as I leave the gym.  If that makes any sense.  I'm still a bit intimidated when I go.  That's why I got the triainer.  That only last another month though.  Hopefully I'll gain more confidence and be able to keep it up after my sessions with him are over with. 


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