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A Thank you from a wallflower

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Well,  it is now officially 1 month since I found out that I am HIV positive.  Have had my ups and downs and imagine I will have oh so many more of those...  I wanted to pass along my thanks to all those that have posted to the forum over the past month,  when I first found out I happened onto the site and I can't even tell you how much it helped to read about people in the same boat that I am.

I am still playing the waiting game, I have a great GP but am not sure what to think about my ID yet. Think I must have converted sometime in early October, so for what its worth I have caught it early and been able to notify anyone I came in contact with.  I go in for all my blood-work results in another couple of weeks.  I think that is probably the most frustrating thing right now,  WAITING! grrr

Anyway,  I just wanted to pass along my thanks to all those who have posted--Not sure what I would have done without being able to log on and read your posts. I have learned a lot and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to help us newbies as well as those who have just found out and were brave enough to ask their questions.


Hey Kris!

Loved your post. You sound like you're doing just fine! It seems like there were a lot of us that were diagnosed last month (me included). I can definitely relate to your ups and downs. Hang in there and we'll make it through!


I am in the same boat. I just got my results last week. 384 and 16000 vl. I started meds yesterday Altripla and it has been no big deal. I also found out early. (within 6 months). Hardest thing at this point was finding a couple of guys attractive and then having them blow me off when they found out my status. That really hurt. Other then that I am doing well with no side effects so far but I am only on day 2. :D

Kris, welcome to the forums. You will find out soon enough that "waiting" is what we all have to do. You will get use to the waiting game. Be assured if they find something wrong they will be getting intouch with you. Again welcome to the forums.


You sound like you are dealing with it really well. I know its frustrating but I repeat what others have said. In the meantime,be well and welcome to my 'surrogate family'


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