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Hi all, I googled for AIDS forums and this one caught my eye.

A few days ago, I had a sexual encounter with a gay male which i didn't know his sexual history. That being said, there was 2 finger anal fingering, oral anal contact, and sliding of the penis head up and down the crack of my butt vigorously. Oral sex, no ejaculation. I now know, after doing some research, that my risk factor is low to none, as there was no penetration nor ejaculation. I suppose the only real risk is if the fingers had torn my anal lining and some of the pre-cum had seeped in somehow.

I have a pre-existing anal lump about the size of a button on your tv remote on the ring of my anus. It has begun to hurt less, and seems as if it's going away. I'm assuming this is a hemroid. None of my searchng had mentioned anything about increases in risk factor of having a hemroid? does anyone know if the hemroid causes the tissue to split or anything?

I am going to go get an hiv test done on week 13, to be sure if i am free and clear.

Another thing that I thought I might mention is how incredibly ignorant and uneducated I had been about the entire subject. This was my first homosexual encounter, and my last (nothing against homosexuality, seriously. Just didn't enjoy it as much as i imagined, i suppose lol). Having grown up in a public school system, going to a major state university, you would think that such a huge and devistating problem would have been taught more. Regardless of the outcome of the test in a few months, I would like to do some more research to educate myself a bit more on what exactly is going on, why it's so hard to erradicate, and what I can do to help the cause.

If anyone knows any good in depth, reliable pages, please post them! I tried google and was bombarded with several hundred thousand pages, and unfortunately the internet is not always the most reliable accurate source of data. Any charities or funds that are known and respected to actually be contributing towards the irradication of this epidemic, please post those as well.


You didn't have a risk, but if you don't know your status then testing never hurts anyone. You can go to the welcome thread and follow the links there to begin gaining some knowledge.

Andy Velez:
As Rod has told you, you were not at risk for HIV during this recent "experimental" incident. Whether heterosexual or homosexual, the risk for HIV sexually is via unprotected intercourse. Everything else is pretty much theoretical rather than documented as a risk sexually.

So if you consistently use condoms for intercourse, whatever the gender of your partner(s), you are effectively covered literally and figurateively as far as HIV is concerned.

Just as a general matter we always recommend that anyone who's sexually active get a full STD panel done regularly. That's at least annually and every six months is even better.

This time you're good to go as far as HIV is concerned.


hello, a relative newbie to this, but have been doing quite a bit of research on the matter. If any of this info is incorrect, please let me know.

Home Access manufactures the only FDA approved home HIV test kits, so if you must test at home i would suggest starting there.

From what I have read, the state of testing now is 13 weeks. If tests show up negative after this timeframe, you're set. Though if you still have concerns, testing at the 6 month mark won't hurt either. Getting an annual std panel done is also recommended.


I removed the post you made in another person's thread and placed it here, in your own thread, which is the only place in this forum you should be posting. You are in no position to give advice to anyone here. Please read the Welcome thread and pay attention to our forum posting guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.



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