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Also - if you find crying therapeutic, there are movies out there which aren't gay-themed but have HIV+ characters in them (or HIV+ is implied) e.g. Forrest Gump

The story of Jenny Gump makes me bawl every time ... I love Jenny Gump, even though she's fictional

If you can handle subtitles, 'Garcon Stupide' is  interisting. another one from a couple of years ago is 'Food of Love'  Ma Vie en Rose' is adorable,  'Bad Education' deserved an Oscar,  and 'Animal Factory' is filled with unbelievable cameo's  the best of which is Mickey Rourke as a prison drag Queen....  :o

One question:  Aren't you sore yet?

I absolutely LOVED "A Touch of Pink." My wittle hopeless romantic heart was all a flutter. Some more good ones were:

Trip (Be Warned: Tissue box will be necessary)
All Over The Guy
Love! Valor! Compassion!


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