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Lately I've been obsessed with seeing as many gay oriented films as possible.  Between going to Blockbuster and ordering movies on line with Blockbuster, I've seen about twenty five gay films in the past few weeks.  The latest one...
A TOUCH OF PINK was just too cute.  I highly recommend this film to all hopeless was made in London and Toronto and it is down right inspiring.  Other films I've seen lately are...LILES  / EATING OUT  /  TRUE LOVE  /...

Does anyone have a film they recommend?  Today I'm watching " TransAmerica" (which is really not a gay film but a trans gender flick)  I saw a new one coming out entitled, THE MOSTLY UNFAMOUS SOCIAL LIFE OF ETHAN GREEN.  Unfortunately it will never come to Alabama but when it comes out on DVD, I'll be one of the first in line to get it. :P

Just wondering if anybody else has MOVIEMADNESS or  (Gay Movie Madness) :o
  ::)<<<<<<<<<<   I saw a Israeli film called Yossi & Jagger and it was BORING>>>>>>>> ::)

Wow david....25 in the past few weeks!  That's a lot.  I don't have very many gay movies, so you've probably seen these but here are the ones on my shelf...

Longtime companion
Angels in America (okay not completely gay)
A beautiful thing

Cliff... I have a copy of Angels In America.   The film struck such a cord with me that I had to own a copy.
Believe it or not, BLockbuster on-Line has almost sixty or seventy films under the heading of gay/lesibian.
Being such an avid movie watcher I've seen so many films, sometimes I have to think "have I seen that?"

A film called Slutty Summer (written &  directed by the main character in the movie) came as quite a surprise.
It sounds like a porno film but its far from it.

There are many others...some good and some absolutely terrible.  Of course I can remember a time when Gay
movies always ended badly...were always depressing and sad.  We've come a long way since the sixties and seventies.

for the below some are decidedly gay-themed, some have marginal gay themes in them (or some gay flavor to them)

Intelligent, "Real", Emotional: Looking For Mister Goodbar, Different For Girls, Priest, Beautiful Thing, Midnight Cowboy, Cruising, Summer of Sam, Boogie Nights

Fluff, Comedy: Zoolander, Trick, Maybe Maybe Not, Billys Hollywood Screen Kiss

Looking For Mister Goodbar is more about nightlife and fornication with some gay stuff. Absolutely superb movie that everyone should see.

Different For Girls is more about TS/TG but it has superb Brit-pop songs from the very early '80's (songs which didn't truly cross-over big-time to America. too British maybe?) 

I'll only see Ethan Green if I can get a free ticket. It sounds interchangable with Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss - y'know, good once to laugh but more than once? No way

Priest and Beautiful Thing are decidedly gay-themed

I've not seen Trick, Cruising, Midnight Cowboy. But I will someday

Priest, Beautiful Thing, Maybe Maybe Not, Different For Girls are from Europe

Maybe Maybe Not is hilarious

"Priest" is one of my favorite movies of all time.

The end makes me cry like a sissy-boy every damn time.


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