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That's terrific. It's amazing. It's breathtaking I'm serious


this may not be new info exactly but it ties together, the how of the Human Genome sequencing, mapping the Human Genome and computers, and maybe alot of the new discoveries and stuff in the last 6 years has come from these kind of computer Human Genome databases..

Elusive CD8 factor Found!

October 2001 new issue:  TechReview

Fauci is here to explore one of the potential gold nuggets found by Human Genome Sciences, a protein that stimulates antibody production. But while he's visiting, Haseltine agrees to let him ask the database—which Haseltine has nicknamed the Oracle—any question that suits his fancy. Fauci says he'd like to search for the "elusive CD8 factor."

Since 1986, AIDS researchers have known that HIV-infected people who defy the odds and suffer no immune damage spit out a mysterious chemical "factor" from a specific type of white blood cell dubbed CD8. Try as they might, AIDS researchers have failed to isolate this factor. "If we can't get the factor out of this, we can't get it," says Haseltine, as a coworker with a laptop begins to search the Oracle for all proteins produced by CD8 cells.

A projector hooked to the laptop shines its display onto a screen for all to see. The Oracle reveals that so far Human Genome Sciences has found 64 different proteins secreted by CD8 cells. At the time of Fauci's visit, a whopping 59 of these proteins had never been described in the medical literature or in any public database containing genetic and protein information on humans.

Fauci is beside himself. "That's terrific. It's amazing. It's breathtaking," he says. "I'm serious. There it is. This is fantastic."


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