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Other exciting new classes of medicines currently in human clinical trials and preclinical trials for HIV include the following:

16 new integrase iinhibitors,
44 entry inbibitors,
new classes including
 CCR5 gp120,
gp41 blockers
scsr4 blockers,
8 new maturation inhibitors,
19 new non nukes,
18 new  nukes,
8 new protease inhibitors, and
the following completely new classes of meds;
alpha intigrins,
regulatory protein inhibitors,
CDK inhibitors,
rev inhibitors,
tat inhibitor,
CDK9 inhibitor,
ATM kinase inhibitor,
glucocorticoid antoagonist,
nuclear location viral matrix blockers,
erg1 gene activators,
nicotinic acetylcholine receptor blockers,
p38 inhibitor,
capsid inhibitor,
rev-tat inhibitor.
dozens of vaccines

All of these attack the virus at different points in its lifecycle and any one of these could be the next breakthrough treatment.   Twenty years of scientific work and billions of dollars are paying off in the HIV treatment area bringing hope to sufferers.

My personal favorite is the ATM inhibitor, it also stops you from using the ATM, LOL


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