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Lets dream a little.

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Hi all,

We are quite a mixed bunch here and all come from different ages locations and experiences. We had similar threads of wish lists or three wishes or something similar in the past. This would be a mixture of all. Maybe some of the newer members can share their dreams too and those who only browse and never post can give it a try.

Some of our dreams could be simple, others  more complex. Some of us had there wishes/dreams accomplished maybe they aspire for others. If you had to close your eyes and lay back and dream and money was no problem….what would you dream of? –  Anything goes as long as its legal  - Let yourself go and relax and tell us about it.

•   My dream would be to Travel more, Visit some of the world wonders like the pyramids of Egypt, Redwood forests of  North America, Victoria falls in Africa, Great barrier reef in Australia, Mount Everest and Taj Mahal in India and many other wonders.

•   Buy a house that looks after itself! (now that’s heavy ::)) by the sea/Ocean in a tranquil area away from city noise, but not too far away from city life

•   Of course a cure for HIV would also be tops of my dreams

And what would yours be?

Well Mark...let me think ::)

1.  World Peace
2.  The cure (for both illness & disease)
3.   A good looking man with a heart of gold :P


Oh, Mark, darling!

I am one of the luckiest guys on Earth 'cause it's been now more than twenty-five years that my life has been exactly what I always dreamed it to ever be! I have visited at least ten countries in each continent, I live in paradise --- by the way, next time you come to Paris, you've got to stay at my place! ---  and I have a warm and caring family...
Still, my dream today would be to take you, Water Duck, and Hermie on a world tour!  Just the four of us.  There would be no limits, I can assure you, to our imagination!  Perhaps Juan would like to join us?  Or Eirin? Or...the whole community?  LOL
Hope you're doing well, sweetheart!  I'm dying to meet you in Amsterdam.  Say hello to the cuttiest, hottest Jean I know.


Oh Val, mon très cher ami, my dearest friend,

I would certainly take your wish as mine. Oh yes, I would.

Ok, thnx Mark for letting us dream away.

1.Stay healthy enough to travel, to see friends and companions with a good dose of humor, IQ, emotional intelligence and a heart that is capable of giving and receiving love. Do the above mentioned in a warmer climate, at least in our winters.

2.Be able to spend time alone in nature, coastal and mountainous, to be close to the spiritual world I am a strong believer in.

3. To become "bhudistically" unattached to material things, which I have  been  a lot lately

But most of all I wish to stay aware of the gift that life and living with you all is.

With love


Dreams?  I am a first class daydreamer!

In no particular order:

1) a private chef to prepare all my food.   I find that the hardest part of life (especially living alone) is trying to prepare decent foods.

2) a personal trainer (and while I'm at it, a fully equipped gym to work out in)

3) a home and a car that were paid for. (disability would go a lot further if it didn't have to cover rent and car payments)

4) spending an all expense-paid week at DisneyWorld with everyone on the forums. (close the park, make it a private affair  ;D )

5) to never have to do another item of laundry again, nor touch an iron.

6) have enough to be comfortable, and enough to help my friends be comfortable. (like not having to decide which meds to do without this month because you can't afford the copays)

7) to learn how to play a stringed instrument, like a violin.

8) to have the entire AIDSmeds family as the audience on Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode this Christmas, and get all that free stuff!

I'll stop now (but could go on and on......)  ::)


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