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hello im scared. hey man i have been reading your posts and i just want to tell you that . The symptoms thing is not worth worrying about it man. Look about a year ago i had oral sex performed on me by prostitutes and one of them i had anal sex with with a condom of course. Now man i was sure i had it because i had all the symptoms i mean you name them. I had them all but i went and tood a test and nothing my friend just like you. Now just like you i messed up recently about 16 days ago i had sex with a transsexual ok she performed oral sex on me (gave me a blow job) and also had anal sex with her me being the op dude. Now i know how you feel man!! trust me i know exactly what you mean i even have thought of commiting suicide but you know what man is better to just ask that person you had sex with what are their status. Look my story is like this, I met this transsexual over the internet so we set up a meeting at her house i went there and used a condom for everything i mean i was doing just fine until the damn thing broke and i cant remember if i was in or out of her or just poking.. So i came home scared, regreting what i had just did, i mean im not even gay i love women but she looked just like a woman she even had a better butt than real girls but after that i was disgusted and i thought that  now i really had it , well i still have to go take a test man . so i dont know. look so i got scared and what i did was ask her what was her status i asked 5 times and she said she had never had anything and that she doesnt have it she even stop talking to me because i was gettting on her nerves i asked her five times and she said she doesnt have it so that put my mind at ease until this day. Dont get me wrong man there is not a day in my life that i dont think about what i did and how much i regret it i mean just like you i shouldve learned from my past experience but dont worry man look im going to tell you something and this is what im going to do. at six weeks or 8 im going to take a test i know you might think this is too early yet but at least that will put my mind at ease while the other six or four weeks go by anyways i have read that in massachuset and window period is six weeks so at least if i come out negative i will have a chance of 60 %  of being negative at 13 weeks so i recommend you do that and also listen to the experts man they are great help that s what im doing staying busy and just going on with my life and trying not to think  about it , but you should call those girls back and ask them what is their status.. but what makes you think they got it man .. you might think im dumb for thinking this but when i was in high school i had sex with 17 girls witout a condom and this happened 3 years ago and never worry one day of my life of having something then i graduated and started looking for prostitutes thats what made me worry and thats why i took test . well i actually have taken like three tests already and all of them are negative i took the oraquick three times man and you do know that test is very sensitive right and it could give a false positive result well guess what all of the test i took came back negative so i was sure i was negative until the day i did that stupid shit with that transsexual man so i wouldnt worry if i was you. ok

hey sorry if i am not supposed to do this but damn this man needs help just like i do he reminds so much of me and we also messed up almost in the same dates so i have to take a test in august too so lets see what happenes partner take care man lets hope we are negative ok you most likely will be  i cant say the same thing for me cause even though it was only like 10 minutes i had been penetrating her and pulled out immediately after i found out the codom had broke from the side im still scare but i have to go through this just like you hoping God has forgiven me and thati truly regret  what i did i hope in God i will be negative i recommend you to go to church too man that will help you a lot ok . take care man and hope you are negative im going to take a test  on july or august the 31 or 1 so after that im taking another on september good luck for you and wish me the same partner


Please do not use this thread to rehash your issues.  I understand you are trying to be supportive, but this is considered a hijack.  It serves no purpose for either of you to compare symptoms or situations, and ultimately, will only result in you feeding off each others fears.

Please read the Welcome Thread for information on this.   

While dealing with your own fears, the moderators request that you stick to your own thread for posting.


--- Quote ---hey sorry if i am not supposed to do this but...
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That's right, you're not supposed to hijack other people's threads with your own story. If you want to post here, please do so in your own thread only.. I've split your (highjack) post and Dingo's reply out of im scared's thread and I'm also locking this new thread. If you feel the need to post, please do so in your own thread.

And don't forget to read the posting guidelines in the Welcome Thread.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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