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HIV may one day be filtered from the blood

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Interesting article...


This has come up before Justin, and I will give you the same response; what good is that when there are plenty of other places that the virus is at in the body?  So your blood is without the virus but every other part of your body has it!
In fact from my understanding the blood is one of the areas with the least amount of viral load, unlike organs.
Welcome to the world of HIV. Well at least we might be able to give blood.

It would also be in the cells in the blood too. So you wouldn't be able to get rid of the virus even from the blood.


Totally - what good is it going to do just to filter out free virus from the blood? Can't figure out why this got so much coverage...

why nano is important... anything nano means that the size of the product is so small that it is like an atom or molecule, perfect in that they do not wear out or break, when is last time you saw oxygen wear out or gold for that matter, the point is that nano, anything produced at these tiny scales is perfect in many ways

a car made of nano would never wear out, that is a long was away, but a filter

a filter that doesnt leak or crack

that can handle large fast flow, no more 5 hours on dialysis machine, how about 10min instead, that is a breakthrough

why it is important in hiv, and i am guessing here, is with these kind of flow rates a small implant could be put in a vein or even capillary and it would filter out the hiv and then once a month or once a year you go to get the filter taken out

there would be enough taken out of blood to make a big difference, because everythign goes in and out of blood

the part i do not get is

how does it filter hiv or any virus for that matter but not a bigger thing like a red blood cell

seems like it would filter it all, but it must be the shape of the mesh or something

i think it is like ten years away from being mass produced

but nano is huge and has tens of billions... mostly because the military industrial complex want machines that kill that are perfect and powerful, and such

i estimate that just filtering from blood would take out enough to give extended life span and improved health, even if it added 20 or 50% life span on top of haart that is basically full lifespan


it is big deal
this nano but probably a few years off
from getting out of research


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